Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

About Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is is rich in flora and fauna and is home to a vast number of wild animals, some of which are the wild boar, gibbon, barking deer, sambar deer, hoolock and the leopard. It is based at an elevation of nearly 400 to 1300 metres and the most prominent vegetation of the sanctuary is Sub-Tropical and Semi Evergreen Forests.

Visitors to this place will observe that general climate of this wildlife sanctuary remains pleasantly warm all the year round. This region is nicely connected by roadways.

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Some of the common species found here include wild boar, hoolock, gibbon, serow, barking deer, sambar deer and leopard.
Best Time to Visit: October, November, Autumn, December, January, Summer, February, March, Spring
Location: Aizawl, Mizoram, India

How to Reach There:

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