Assam State Museum

About Assam State Museum:

Famous as one of the richest repositories of antiques, Assam State Museum is hailed as one of the biggest multipurpose museums in India. Situated in the scenic locales of Dighalupukhuri area, Assam State Museum was built in 1940 and boasts of being the oldest museum in Northeast India. There is also an exhibit of the traditional weaving in Assam State Museum, along with other handicraft products, like locally-made cane and bamboo items, toys, pottery, etc. The library of the museum is situated upstairs and is the best place to go, if you want to get any information on the various items present therein.

Generally, photography within the museum is prohibited, but if you get the permission of the authorities, you may be able to capture a few of these unique moments and exhibits on celluloid.

The Assam State Museum was founded by the Kamrupa Anusandhan Samity and was opened on 21st April, 1940 by Sir Robert Reid, the then Governor of Undivided Assam. There are various periodicals, journals like the Asiatic Society journals, and books that refer to art, culture, mythology, biography, encyclopaedic works.

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Visit this museum if you want to know about Assam. A lots of artifacts are displayed here in a nicely manner. It takes 2 -3 hours to see this museum. Must visit.
Best Time to Visit: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, Winter, Summer, Autumn, Monsoon, Spring
Location: Guwahati, Assam, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Guwahati Airport

The nearest Airport is Guwahati Airport . We need to take an private vechicle the distance between Guwahati Airport to Assam State Museum is 23.1km

Railway Station: Guwahati railway station

The nearest Railway Station is Guwahati railway station . We need to take an private vechicle the distance between Guwahati railway station to Assam State Museum is 1.7km

Bus Stand: Guwahati Bus Stand

The nearest Bus Station is Guwahati Bus Stand . We need to take an private vechicle the distance between Guwahati Bus Stand to Assam State Museum is 1.5km

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