Chitralekha Udyan

About Chitralekha Udyan:

A picturesque park is located, called the Cole Park. The park was built in 1906 by a commissioner of Assam named Mr. Cole, and was later reconstructed by M.G.V.K Bhanu in 1996. The park has recently been renamed as Chitralekha Udayan Park, after the name of a famous person in the Aniruddha Usha love story. Located amidst a number of misty hillocks and green terrains and blue lakes, this park is well known for its breathtaking scenic beauty. In order to facilitate public viewing, among which the most important being the inscription of Bhomoraguri, depicting an ancient plan of building a bridge on the River Brahmaputra is the most prominent one.

A replica of the famous Bhomoraguri inscription which recorded the ancient plans to build a bridge across the Brahmaputra where the current Kolia Bhomora Setu exists has been created in this park for public viewing. There is a water feature in the form of a lake where small rowing and paddle boats are allowed.

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This is a huge property with big garden park and a lake, It is a good place for family and kids outing where various arrangements
Best Time to Visit: October, November, Autumn, December, January, Winter, February, March, Spring
Location: Tezpur, Assam, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Tezpur Airport

The nearest Airport Tezpur Airport . We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Tezpur Airport to Chitralekha Udyan is 12Kms

Railway Station: Tezpur railway station

The nearest Railway Station is Tezpur railway station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Tezpur railway station to Chitralekha Udyan is 1km

Bus Stand: ASTC Bus Stand

The nearest Bus Stand is ASTC Bus Stand. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between ASTC Bus Stand to Chitralekha Udyan is 700m

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