Ezharakund Waterfalls

About Ezharakund Waterfalls:

Ezharakund Waterfalls  a beautiful and adventurous waterfall located in Kannur district of Kerala. Its close to the Kerala-Karnataka border. Visiting this waterfall will be a wonderful experience. The District tourism promotion council has done a great job in developing the infrastructure at this waterfall.

The waterfall comprises of seven levels of rocky natural pools of various sizes and depths. On certain points there are guards to ensure safety. There is a trek of around 2 km from the base to reach the main waterfall. Tourism department has constructed a pedestrian path from the Chathamala Facility Centre to the waterfalls.

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Pleasantic atmosphere and Enjoyable place ,you should go with friends for spending time.
Best Time to Visit: December, January, Winter, February, March, Spring, April, May, June, July, Summer, August, September, Autumn, October, November, Monsoon
Location: Kudiyanmala, Kannur, Kerala, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: kannur international airport

The nearest Airport kannur international airport . We need to take an private vehicle the distance between kannur international airport to Ezharakund Waterfalls is 41.9kms

Railway Station: Kannur Railway Station

The nearest Railway station Kannur Railway Station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Kannur Railway Station to Ezharakund Waterfalls is 50.6kms

Bus Stand: Kudiyanmala Bus Stop

The nearest Bus Stand Kudiyanmala Bus Stop. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Kudiyanmala Bus Stop to Ezharakund Waterfalls is1.7kms

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