Kuntala Water Falls

About Kuntala Water Falls:

Kuntala Waterfall is a waterfall of Telangana state in India, located on Kadam river in Neradigonda mandal of Adilabad district. It is the highest waterfall in the state with a height of 50 meters. These waterfalls are in the dense forests inhabited by the Gonds. Kunta in Gondi and Telugu means pond. Kuntalu means several ponds. The waterfall originates from a confluence of several ponds that lead to the river Kadem.

The waterfall originates from the Kadam river which is known for its picturesque forests. As per the legend, the waterfall is named after Shakuntala, who was believed to have fallen in love with king Dushyanta, at the very site. Also, it is said that Shakuntala used to take bath in this Kuntala Falls. Since Gond tribes mostly live here, the waterfall’s name is derived from the world ‘Kunta’ which means pond in both Gondi and Tamil. The word ‘Kuntalu’ stands for multiple ponds, and this waterfall is created by the confluence of several ponds which drains from the river.

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The Kuntala Water Falls is a very beautiful waterfall
Best Time to Visit: December, January, Winter, February, March, Spring, April, May, June, July, Summer, August, September, Autumn, October, November, Monsoon
Location: Neradigonda , Adilabad , Telangana, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

The nearest Airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to  Kuntala Water Falls is 320Kms

Railway Station: Adilabad railway station

The nearest Railway station Adilabad railway station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Adilabad railway station to Kuntala Water Falls is 56.8Kms

Bus Stand: Adilabad Bus Stand

The nearest Bus Stand is Adilabad Bus Stand. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Adilabad Bus Stand  to Kuntala Water Falls is 56.4Kms

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