Thrill City

About Thrill City:

Experience a day of thrills, excitement, and recreational activities at the Thrill City park, India’s first futuristic park. With attractions like Monster Theatre, Real Skoda Car Simulator, Real Apache Bike Simulator, VR Roller Coaster, Magic Train, VR Beat Hero, and much more, it caters to all ages of people, including children, adults, and senior citizens. Book this package and get the opportunity to spend an amusing day out with your family and friends.

  • Spend your day in the futuristic world of Thrill City and engage in mind-blowing rides and games amongst 50+ experiences.
  • Get an entry pass with points to play the various games available at the park; 1500 points for adults and 700 points for children. You can get extra points at additional costs (Rs. 100 for 600 points).
  • Visit Monster Theatre, India’s Biggest Motion Simulator, lets you get a next-level VR experience making every scene feel like real.
  • Experience the thrill of flying up to 15m height as you take a ride on the Splash Coaster, the highest splash ride at the heart of the city.
  • Simulate your senses as you take a ride in the VR Roller Coaster and and get the real feeling of riding on a roller coaster. It’s a suitable ride for all age groups.
  • Try driving and some extremely challenging manoeuvres like never before on the Real Skoda Car Simulator.
  • Experience real-time racing with a ride on the Real Apache Bike Simulator.
  • Capture your kids laughing and having the best time as they ride on the Magic Train.
  • Take a break amongst the fun activities and fulfil your chocolate cravings as your enter the Chocolate Room.
  • Enter the Kid’s Arcade and let your children play around in the various fun games available.
  • Get onboard on the Flight Simulator and experience the feel of flying across diverse terrains.
  • Relish an unparalleled and unique VR experience with VR Beat Hero that combines full-body movements, stunning neon graphics, electronic music, and elaborated game mechanics.
  • Complement your fun-filled day with delicious meals from any of the 4 available food courts.

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Best Time to Visit: December, January, Winter, February, March, Spring, April, May, June, July, Summer, August, September, Autumn, October, November, Monsoon
Location: Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

The nearest Airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to Thrill City is 34.2Kms

Railway Station: Secunderabad Junction Railway Station

The nearest Railway station Secunderabad Junction Railway Station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Secunderabad Junction Railway Station to Thrill City is 4.9Kms

Bus Stand: Secunderabad Bus Station

The nearest Bus Stand is Secunderabad Bus Station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Secunderabad Bus Station to Thrill City is 4.6Kms

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