Nishat Bagh

About Nishat Bagh:

Nishat Bagh is a terraced Mughal garden built on the eastern side of the Dal Lake, close to Srinagar in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second largest Mughal garden in the Kashmir Valley .

Nishat Bagh is a garden with views of the lake beneath the Pir Panjal mountain range. The Bagh was designed and built in 1633 by Asif Khan, elder brother of Nur Jehan.An anecdote is told of the jealousy of the Emperor Shah Jahan on beholding such a delightful garden, which led to the abandonment of the garden for some time. Nishat garden is the largest one of the Mughal gardens in Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of the picturesque Dal Lake. Also known as “the garden of bliss”

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One tree, that just looked like almonds was also in full bloom, full of white flowers. “A link between mountain and lake called NISHAT”
Best Time to Visit: March, April, May, June, Summer, December, January, February, Winter
Location: srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Sheikh ul Alam Airport

The nearest airport is Sheikh ul Alam Airport. The transportation from Sheikh ul Alam Airport to the Nishat Bagh can be via an private vehicle. The total distance from the airport is 21.4km

Railway Station: Srinagar railway station

The nearest Railway Station is Srinagar railway station. We need to take an private vehicle and the distance between Srinagar railway station to Nishat Bagh is 20.4km

Bus Stand: Srinagar Bus Stand

The nearest Bus Stand is Srinagar Bus Stand. We need to take an private vehicle and the distance between Srinagar Bus Stand to Nishat Bagh is 9.3km

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