Paragliding in Patnitop

About Paragliding in Patnitop:

Patnitop is located in northern parts of Jammu and Kashmir. … Winters in Patnitop are chilly, accompanied with heavy snowfall. Surrounded by the beautiful meadows and the panoramic views, Patnitop is a beautiful place in Jammu. Enclosed by the snow-capped mountains, this place offers a surreal feeling which is worth exploring.

Socks,Fleeces,Jacket or coat, Waterproof boots,Warm pants or jeans,Light gloves or mittens,Waterproof coat. & Standard footwear Carry to Paragliding. There is no other feeling than feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the spectacular views of the hills while hovering in the sky. So, hop on to one of the paragliders and say hello to the birds flying in the sky by your side.

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It is one of adventure and choose schools which are certified and offer good safety gear.
Best Time to Visit: April, May, June, Summer
Location: Patnitop, Jammu & Kashmir, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Satwari Airport

The nearest airport is Satwari Airport. The transportation from Patnitop to the Paragliding in Patnitop can be via an private vehicle. The total distance from the airport is 53km approximately

Railway Station: Srinagar railway station

The nearest Railway Station is Srinagar railway station. We need to take an private vehicle and the distance between Srinagar railway station to Paragliding in Patnitop is 60 km

Bus Stand: Patnitop bus stand

The nearest Bus Stand is Patnitop bus stand. We need to take an private vehicle and the distance between Patnitop bus stand to Paragliding in Patnitop is 65km

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