Sesha Theertham Tirumala

About Sesha Theertham Tirumala:

Sesha Theertham Tirumala, is associated with Aadishesha or the Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu, who once stroked a torrent with his tail for quenching the thirst of Lord Vishnu. This site is known after Adishesha and is situated within the precincts of the main temple. Devotees who takes holy dip in this theertham usually offers jaggery, salt and pepper to pray for the betterment of their health.

The best time for visiting this place is during the rainy season, this place looks even more beautiful with greenery around and with white water gushing out of the rocks. Thirumala has a holy pilgrimage site. They would not be reborn if they bathe in this tirtha. Getting to this pilgrimage is extremely challenging. Climbing mountains and crossing small streams is challenging. The Adiadesh is in the shape of a rock, which makes this Tirtham special. Furthermore, some cobras, in particular, are slithering around the area. It’s about ten kilometres to the temple.

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A place of worship and Ancient place
Best Time to Visit: December, January, Winter, February, March, Spring, April, May, June, July, Summer, August, September, Autumn, October, November, Monsoon
Location: Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, India

How to Reach There:

Airport: Tirupati Airport

The nearest Airport Tirupati Airport. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Tirupati Airport to Sesha Theertham Tirumala is 42.6Kms

Railway Station: Tirupati railway station

The nearest Railway station Tirupati railway station. We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Tirupati railway station to Sesha Theertham Tirumala is 25kms

Bus Stand: Tirupathi Bus Stand

The nearest Bus Stand is Tirupathi Bus Stand . We need to take an private vehicle the distance between Tirupathi Bus Stand to Sesha Theertham Tirumala is 26.3Kms

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